IoT Network Traffic Classification and attack detection based on Network Traffic Characteristics using Artificial Intelligence


A wide range of embedded devices apply to the internet of Things (IoT) internet connected, allowing them to send and exchange information in intelligent environments for one another. Since these IoT devices transmits their network traffic in broadcast mode due to wireless media, it is simple for an intruder to collect data by analyzing the network traffic of IoT devices. In addition, malicious network traffic can be generated by a malicious IoT devices that other IoT devices can be corrupted, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks can be initiated, installing using malware etc. Therefore, it is necessary for an administrator to evaluate the network traffic for security management and allocation of resources.


  • Build a coherent IoT traffic classification structure. We will extract different IoT network traffic functionality and illustrate the value of each attribute for the classification.
  • Using a set of machine learning algorithms, each classifier can compare the obtained prediction performance based on precision, training and accuracy, algorithm time, error rate, etc.
  • Develop an artificial model to define the pattern of attack by tracing the IoT devices traffic.



Funded By

Data Security Council of India (DSCI) setup by NASSCOMĀ®.